Bill With Anastasia

Bill With Anastasia
Bill Eatmon - 1955 - 2006 Co-shepherd at Sheltering Pines from June, 1996 to August, 2006.


Thursday, April 04, 2013

I got the results back from my micron tests yesterday.  I am posting them below.  It looks like I have a lot of room for improvement!

 Appalachian Spring244.4188192.522.97521.825.8522.31.2866.649.3
 Carmina Burana2241973.598.320.59519.323.2019.81.217153
Copper Sky246.22612.82.183.924.68520.527.5023.62.4254.444.6
Fur Elise213.9196.94.298.819.99518.622.79019.41.1779.657.6
L'air du temps243.9166.60.495.222.88521.326.48022.91.5168.750.8
Gold Leaf223.8187.11.497.520.410020.822.70210.5769.747.7
SheltrgPines 254.5188.20.888.124.18523.526.8524.61.0562.151.4
Midsummer Dusk253.8156.
 Nocturne Shade264.3178.30.186.724.37024.326.9525.70.8471.152.7
Persian Dance254.2177.60.591.323.410522.826.7023.70.9255.341.9
Velvet Night275.72110.50.372.926.69523.130.50262.3261.147.7


Michelle said...

Steven, quit making the rest of us feel bad! Most flocks would be improved by any one of these sheep (including mine)!

I sent off samples from my five breeding animals (all except aged Whistlestop 0338); I'll be interested to see what my core group is.

stephen rouse said...

Thank you Michelle! I wasn't able to test last year due to being unemployed -- just couldn't take the extra money... and these numbers are about where I was at 2 years ago so I was just thinking I hadn't made much progress, but the numbers are pretty good. ;-)

Michelle said...

Yes, the numbers are very good. And does that fact that you tested mean you are employed again? That would be even better!!!

stephen rouse said...

I am employed! I don't know how long it will last...alternative education type job based on how many people can be recruited. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Kelly said...

Great you how many people would be thrilled to have any one of these sheep?
Good job!