Bill With Anastasia

Bill With Anastasia
Bill Eatmon - 1955 - 2006 Co-shepherd at Sheltering Pines from June, 1996 to August, 2006.


Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Memorial Stone For Bill

Finally 2 years after Bill's death I was able to purchase and have installed a Memorial Stone for his grave. Bill's choice for burial was a surprise to all of us as he had always said he wanted to be cremated when he died. Two days before his death we asked him if there was anything he wanted in terms of directives. He replied that he wanted burial. Then after a pause of about 45 seconds he asked, "And do you think I could have a headstone?". That question nearly made us all break down with tears. Of course we could do nothing but answer, "of course you can have a headstone!".

I would like to thank those friends who sent memorial gifts. These helped purchase this memorial stone and I thought you may want to see the final product. Thank you again.....I could not have done it without help.