Bill With Anastasia

Bill With Anastasia
Bill Eatmon - 1955 - 2006 Co-shepherd at Sheltering Pines from June, 1996 to August, 2006.


Rams at Sheltering Pines

I will probably use Fandango for breeding this Autumn, 2013

SheltrgPines Fandango (Aa/Aa Bb/Bb Ss/Ss) out of
SheltrgPines Andalucite x SheltrgPines Fanare

Close-up of Fandango's face/head.

Gold Leaf ("gold" and white spotted 4 year old Colored Cormo Ram)

Another shot of Gold :Leaf (colored Cormo Ram)

SheltrgPines Chorale (white Merino ram lamb carrying color)


Rams used for Breeding in Past Years:

Fanfare (used for breeding Autumn of 2012)

Smirslet Fawn Katmoget Ram Lamb out of 
SheltrgPines Andalucite x SheltrgPines Grand Luxe

(Fanfare was used for breeding in Autumn 2012 for 2013 lambs).

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