Bill With Anastasia

Bill With Anastasia
Bill Eatmon - 1955 - 2006 Co-shepherd at Sheltering Pines from June, 1996 to August, 2006.


Miscellaneous Photos

February, 2014, feeding time in the ewe paddock.

Autumn, 2013:

The previous 4 photos are of Matteo, Maremma 7 year old male Sheep guard dog.   He is amazing.

October 3, 2013... taken from sheep paddock.

This is the farm next door where my mother was born.  The farm I live in (where my Mom settled) was her grandparents farm.  The farm pictured here is the one her father bought and where Mom was born.  After Mom married my Dad, they moved into my great grandparents farm (then owned by my Mother's father) and My Mother's sister (my aunt) and her husband lived at the pictured farm above.  The big farm house doesn't show well in this photo as it is behind trees closer to the barn (behind the large red garage).  The little house on the right was where my grandmother (Avis) lived after my Aunt and Uncle moved into the larger farm house.


Spring 2013:

Fantasia, Moorit spotted ewe lamb out of SheltrgPines Andalucite x SheltrgPines Fanfare

Fandango, Moorit Smirslet ram lamb out of SheltrgPines Andalucite x SheltrgPines Fanfare

Fawn Katmoget Smirslet/Flecket ewe lamb out of SheltrgPines J'adore x SheltrgPines Fanfare

The following photos up to the "dividing line" below were taken on April 21, 2013 by Professional Nature Photographer, Mark S. Carlson.  He and his wife, Debbie, were at the spin here at Sheltering Pines (Mark is Betty Carlson- Garpow's cousin) and he brought his camera and shot some photos of sheep, people and Matteo.   Mark has graciously given his permission for me to use the photos on my blog and facebook farm page.   All photos in this post taken by ©  I would like to encourage everyone to view Mark's facebook page at

Nocturne Shade's fawn katmoget ewe lamb playing with Matteo

Matteo keeping "tabs" on Nocturne Shade's lamb

Matteo barking at the people looking at the lambs:  he is fiercely protecting this lamb.  They have bonded!

Autumn, 2012:

Matteo, my Maremma sheep guard dog.  He came here 6 years ago this week from Canada.  Bill Stearman brought him down as a puppy on his way here going to the MFF.

Sheep in the pasture

Looking toward the barn.

looking northeast


Another shot of Matteo

Looing east toward my Aunt's farm.

looking south

Uniquely marked tiger kitten

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