Bill With Anastasia

Bill With Anastasia
Bill Eatmon - 1955 - 2006 Co-shepherd at Sheltering Pines from June, 1996 to August, 2006.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Another photo of one of my Father's paintings

A small picture of this subject used to hang over the sofa in my Grandmother's house when I was a child. I was always infatuated with it. I don't know if it is a well known picture/painting or whether it was just something she liked and framed. It looked old at the time! (and I'm 53!) :-) Anyway, my father borrowed it from her back in the late 60's and copied it (painted it) for his art class. It is not a large painting...I'd estimate about 8 inches tall by 14 inches wide. It is still one of my favorites. If anyone knows anything about the original...I'd sure enjoy hearing from you. (If it was done by a known artist) The one that used to hang on my Grandmother's wall is now gone and no one seems to know where it went! I'm glad my father copied it!

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selva said...

wow very nice painting.... beautiful... great...